Ella Sculptures
Ella Sculptures
Eleftheros Typos
  • 4 Mar 2019
  • 5 min read

Eating Greek and deliciously

In the center of Athens, a restaurant praises Greek cuisine and welcomes food lovers for Mediterranean, flavorful journeys... 'Like Greek cuisine, nothing else!' could be, in one sentence, the philosophy of Dionysis Spiliopoulos and his team, who bring to life the 'Ella Greek Cooking'. The warm restaurant, located at 26 Mitropoleos Street, manages without fuss and unnecessary words in the menu to impress every foodie with its flavorful proposals, leaving everyone satisfied. With quality ingredients from producers in Greece, cooked with passion and attention to the smallest detail, the result of what you can taste is delicious. Caesar's Cretan salad, starring smoked pork and Cretan gruyere, grilled vegetables millefeuille with the most delicious eggplant you've ever tasted, fried PDO feta cheese in crispy crust, and juicy meatballs with red sauce create the perfect start to a fantastic meal. However, the main courses at 'Ella Greek Cooking' are the best! Pork gyros in Arabic pita with gruyere, onion, and spicy yogurt, pork shank on the spit, and chicken fillet with baby potatoes and lemon oil are some of the most delicious meat options. If you declare yourself a seafood fanatic, choose the salmon skewer or the divine grilled prawns that will elevate your palate. Daily, it should be noted, there are daily dishes and pies that deserve your attention, following seasonality and the fresh ingredients the chef finds every morning. As for dessert, all roads lead to ordering pastries filled with milk praline!

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